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Looking Back, Looking Forward

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This last Sunday, we were very privileged to have The Right Revd Steven Croft with us at St Peter’s.  He took part in both services and preached on the need to be always listening for God’s call.  If you missed it, it was announced this week that he will be the next Bishop of Oxford.  We’ll ber very sorry to see him go and pray for a blessed ministry in his new role.

Next Sunday is our Annual General Meeting.  In fact it’s three meetings.  The Annual Meeting of Parishoners elects Churchwardens.  The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will look back on what has happened over the last year and look forward to the year to come.  In addition it will elect the Parochial Church Council (PCC) for the coming year.  Finally the new PCC will meet and appoint a treasurer and secretary.  And we are undertaking all that during a service this year!  The service starts at 10.30am and should be 45-50 mins including everything.

The reports for the meeting will be attached to this post.  The accounts and the Annual report already are, later you’ll be able to see the Deanery Synod report and the Churchwarden’s report too.

See you Sunday!

Holy Week and Easter

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This week is Holy Week.  For Christians it’s a rollercoaster of a week.  It started on Sunday with the excitement of Palm Sunday, in Thursday it get’s serious with Maundy Thursday, where we remember the Last Supper (which is where we get Communion from).  We have a special service at St Peter’s on that day at 7pm.  After the Last Supper, Judas betrays Jesus and a scary chain of events is unleashed that ends with Jesus crucified on a cross on Good Friday.  You can relive that journey at Stations of the Cross on Friday morning at 11am.  Saturday is a quiet day.  Once the sun has gone down on Saturday evening the celebrations of the Resurrection begin.  The Easter Vigil service is the start of the celebrations.  A service that starts in darkness on Saturday night and then bursts into joy and excitement.  That joy continues into Sunday with our usual services at 9.30 and 11am with a joyful twist!

Please feel free to join us in the whole rollercoaster ride…

News and information!

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We have started the countdown to Easter!  In Church, this is called Lent and is traditionally a time for self control and discipline.

There are lots of things going on at St Peter’s over the coming weeks that you can join in with…

THIS SUNDAY (21 February) we are having a winter picnic at 12noon in the Vicarage garden.  If you’ve never been on a winter picnic, it’s the same as a summer one, just colder.  Wrap up warm and bring hot food! (We will put the oven on, so feel free to use it to warm stuff up).

March 6th is Mothering Sunday.  We’re having a special service at St Peter’s at 10.15am.  If you’ve been thinking about trying Church out, that would be a great service to come to.

Easter Sunday is 27th March, please come and celebrate with us as we mark the resurrection.  There will be services at 9.30am and 11am.  We take celebrating this seriously, at both services, so come ready to enjoy yourself!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Church that’s for everyone

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So, what’s it like coming to Church?  Isn’t it really boring?  Won’t everyone expect me to know what I’m doing?  Will it be confusing?

At St Peter’s we offer two services each Sunday, each has a different style, so that we can try and cater for different needs.

9.30 is our Parish Eucharist service.  It’s a traditional service where we sing mostly hymns.  The service doesn’t change much week to week, so it’s easy to feel comfortable after a few weeks.  The service is all from books, but if you’re new, someone will probably offer to sit next to you and help you feel confident finding your way around.  The congregation is small, but welcoming.  If you’d like to stay and chat afterwards tea and coffee is available after the service in the Community Hall.

11am is St Peter’s together.  This service is really informal.  There are bean bags and toys for young children.  The songs tend to be more modern and the words are displayed on a screen.  If the idea of signing doesn’t fill you with joy, you are really welcome to just listen to the words.  There are activities for older children and everyone leaves having learnt something!  This service ususally lasts 50 minutes.  The congregation varies in size from week to week, but you will be noticed and looked after.  You are invited to share the coffee and donuts before the service (anytime between 10.30 and 11), and can even bring a coffee (with a lid) into the service with you.

If you’ve not given Church a try for a while, we’d love so meet you and you’ll always be welcome at St Peter’s!

Looking forward

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I don’t know about you, but I like things to look forward to.  This term is usually quite quiet at Church, our usual services will keep going (9.30am and 11am every Sunday), but there isn’t Christmas coming or Summer or anything.

We think we’ve found a perfect antidote, we’re going to have a Winter Picnic in Bentley Park on the 21 February.  If you’ve never done a Winter Picnic before, here’s what you need to know…

  1. You do need to wrap up warm!  It will be cold and if you’re sitting down eating, you will need to be wearing super snuggly clothes.
  2. Bring hot food!  Pies straight from the oven before you come out, Jacket Potato in a flask (which is what my Mum used to send me to school with), whatever, but something you eat needs to be warm.
  3. Bring hot drinks! A cold can of whatever is your pleasure is great in summer, but for a Winter Picnic, you need something warm.  Tea, Coffee, Mulled Cider…
  4. Decide in advance that this is a crazy adventure to be enjoyed!

Get it in the diary now, something to look forward to!

New Year is here!

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Welcome to 2016!

There’s loads happening at St Peter’s over 2016.

We try to keep this page and Facebook up to date, but the most up to date information is usually on Facebook!

This week there is Alpha (a great way to find out more about Christian faith) as well as our usual Sunday morning services, 9.30 Trad and 11am Family.



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It’s Christmas…


Also, we have a crib service at 4pm on Thursday (Christmas Eve) do come along and why not come dressed as your favourite nativity character?

You can even start Christmas Day the proper way, we have the First Communion of Christmas (sometimes called Midnight Mass) at 11.30pm on Thursday evening…

If you’d like to do Church on Christmas morning, we offer that option at 9.30am.

Popcorn and Oranges

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This week at St Peter’s is a busy one.

As well as all the usuals, coffee in the carpark and simple lunch tomorrow, traditional and family services on Sunday we have two extra awesome events this week.

On Friday we’re turning the Community Hall into a cinema again and showing a movie straight after school at 3.45pm.  Licensing restrictions mean we can’t say online what it is, but if you text MJQ8R to 60777 (standard network rates apply), you’ll get a text back telling you what it is!

On Sunday we’re doing Christingle at 4pm.  There will be a collection for the Children’s Society too.  An orange, a red ribbon, a candle and some sweets.  Together they tell a story, come and find out what!  We’d love to see you!


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This Sunday is Advent Sunday, the Church’s new year.  Inevitably we start looking to Christmas.  This is one of my favourite Advent hymns (with a bit of a modern twist).  I love it – let me know what you think!

Stir up…

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Yesterday was Stir Up Sunday and we in the Vicarage made our Christmas Pudding and Cake.  We’re trying a new cake recipe this year which doesn’t need a long maturing, so hopefully we didn’t leave it too late!

The name stir up Sunday comes from the old collect (special prayer) which says “Stir up, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people, that they plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may of thee be plenteously rewarded”.  So because it has ‘stir’ and ‘fruit’ in it, it became make the Christmas Pudding Sunday.

It also means that Advent starts next Sunday which means Christmas is coming! (Argh!).

So, what’s coming soon…

Coffee in the Carpark tomorrow, 8.40-9.15

Simple Lunch tomorrow at 12 followed by Communion at 12.45.

Morning Prayer on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9am.

Friday Flicks is a week on Friday (4th November) at 3.45pm in the Church Hall (text MJQ8R to 60777 to find out which film it is).

Christingle is a week on Sunday (6th November) at 4pm.

Hope to see you about this week!