St Peter’s Bentley is a parish church, part of the Church of England. We are a registered charity no 1191023. Our trustees are the members of the Parochial Church Council or PCC. Our full legal name is ‘The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Peter Bentley’, but you can call us St Peter’s Bentley or St Peter’s Bentley PCC if you’re feeling formal.

The Church of England is the Established Church. That means our rules and regulations have legal status. Whilst most charities are governed by a trust deed or constitution, we are governed by legislation, namely the Parochial Church Councils (powers) Measure 1956 (as amended), which sets out what a PCC can do, and also the Church Representation Rules 2020 which are set out in schedule 3 to the Synodical Government Measure 1969.

Our current trustees are:

NameWhy are the on PCC?On PCC until.
Revd David BerryEx Officio (Vicar)Resignation.
Revd Rachel PriceEx Officio (Curate)Resignation.
Abigail ClarkeEx Officio (Churchwarden)APCM 2024
Luke DaviesEx Officio (Churchwarden)APCM 2024
Patricia PaineEx Officio (Deanery Synod)31 July 2026
David WalkerEx Officio (Deanery Synod)31 July 2026
Anne SiddleElectedAPCM 2024
Christine WalkerElectedAPCM 2024
Kate DaviesElectedAPCM 2025
Kate HagueElectedAPCM 2025
Rachael ClowesElectedAPCM 2026
Andy FarmerElectedAPCM 2026

Annual Reports