St Peter’s Bentley exists to grow faith, hope and love in Bentley and beyond. We are the anglican church for Bentley in Doncaster. You can see the parts of Bentley we’re responsible for on the parish map at a church near you.

How do we work towards this aim?

We use the five relationships/tasks set out in Graham Tomlin’s book The Provocative Church as our work programme.

This looks at how we worship God together as a church. The main components of this are the Sunday and Wednesday services we take each week. Another way to look at this is that this is our corporate relationship with God.

This is about building community, both in church and with those who don’t yet know Jesus. Internally, we run Connexion, our fortnightly community meal, and externally Little Fishes toddler group and Cuppa in the carpark, a free tea and coffee giveaway each week, for example. The Hope Central Cafe will be primarily a point of connection too. Indeed, the same can be said for the hot chocolate giveaways and

We seek to bring hope to Bentley without strings attached. We do this through our debt advice centre, CMA Bentley and St Peter’s School Wardrobe.

This is looking at our individual relationships with God. We look to improve these through the deeper course, five a day and pattern. We are always looking for other ways to engage too.

We want to spread the word! To share the peace and joy that we have found in Jesus with others. We do this mostly through Alpha. We want to explore other ways to making the good news about Jesus known in our community.

Inevitably there is overlap. Our Sunday Worship (Adoration) includes teaching (Discipleship) and our toddler group may have opportunities to share good news in it. So for each of our church activities we want to be clear where the main focus is.