We love the Bible, it’s the best place to read about what God has done for us and to find our place in His bigger story. We want to encourage you to read five sections a day (it works out at five chapters a day, but standardised a bit).

Step 1
Choose how many chapters you’re going to read. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Step 2
Read them! We recommend starting at the top of the grid and working down, but ultimately, you can do it however works for you.

Step 3
Keep track of how many days in a row you’ve managed (we call this your streak) and what your longest streak has been. You can record this on our Facebook group for now, but we hope to open comments here on the website soon.

Important notes:
If you forget a day, don’t sweat it. Reset your streak to zero and start again. Catching up is not part of this reading plan. That’s why you can only see today’s grid.

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