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We love a good wedding at St Peter’s and will do all we can to make your special day memorable.

If you’d like to get married here, the first step is to get in touch with the Vicar, Dave using the details on the homepage.  He will arrange for you to come and meet him and answer your questions and begin the paperwork.

There is some quite specific law relating to getting married in Church.  Different rules apply depending on whether you live in our parish or not, whether one of you has been married before and your nationality.  We will guide you through all the various steps.

The larger part of the fees for a wedding are set nationally and increase each year on the 1 January.  You have to pay the fees that apply in the year you get married, not the year you book your wedding.  The basic statutory legal fees for 2018 weddings are:

Church of England Marriage Service Fee£441.00
Marriage certificate issued at time of marriage£4.00
Banns Fee£29.00
Total Fees£474.00

Details of additional (optional) fees for an organist and bell-ringers are available on request.