The Money Course

The Money Course will help you take back control of your finances.  Over six weeks it will help you

  • Explore your emotional relationship with money
  • Look practically at the basic building blocks for creating your own budget
  • Learn some simple tips and strategies for controlling your spending and getting your budgets to balance
  • Consider the importance of savings and the benefit of setting some simple saving goals
  • Think through issues of debt and the wise use of credit
  • Explore some attitudes and principles around money that will contribute to improved mental wellbeing
  • Talk about practical methods of managing spending day by day
The Money Course isn’t a debt remedy, but if you need help with debt, we can provide regulated advice through CMA Bentley.

If this sounds like what you need, book on to the Money Course today.  Our next course will run online with a session every fortnight.  The first session is on Wednesday 13th January 2021.  Book on below and we’ll help you with the technology required before the first session!