St Peter's Flood Fund

This is the River Don, coming over the wall at Willow Bridge Caravan Site at 7.26am on Friday the 9th November. Within hours of this photo being taken many houses in the Town End of Bentley were under knee deep water, and the contents of the caravans on this site were completely destroyed.

On Friday, the emergency services did their bit to help people, rescue those who were stranded and make the area safe. By 9am on Saturday morning, most of the water was gone leaving a trail of devastation behind it. St Peter’s Church was one of the first external groups on the scene and, motivated by our Christian faith, we’ve been there ever since, standing with our community.

Since then people have been asking us to collect donations that will be used to support our community in Bentley. So we have opened the St Peter’s Flood Fund to help those affected get back on their feet. We are working to help people dry their houses, but the Flood Fund is to help people with the costs of getting their lives back on track.


We will help people buy flooring and essential furniture and white goods, prioritising those who are uninsured. Since the 2007 Bentley floods, many people find the cost of insurance out of their price range, so this is even harder for them.

You can make a real difference to some of the poorest people affected by these floods by making a donation now. The only deduction from your donation will be the fees charged by our card processor which are 34p of a £10 donation or £1.60 from a £100 donation.

Please give generously using the form below.

We are committed to being as transparent as possible about where our money has come from and where it is going.  You can read more about it on our transparency page.


If you would like to give by another method, please call the church on 01302 876272 or 07490 582750 and we’ll give you the advice you need.

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