Change is possible

The start of a new year, and this January, the start of a new decade, often makes us think about the things in our lives we’d like to change. Every year I want to be more positive, more pro-active, less all about myself and more secure. I’m making some progress, but it is a bit slower than I’d like.

The Bible is full of stories, particularly in the New Testament, of people who’s lives were totally changed by God. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that’s the normal experience in the New Testament. Jesus twelve disciples were young, rash, ordinary and yet they changed the world as they spread the good news of Jesus. They became focussed, resilient and bold.

Paul, one of the most famous Christians, who wrote a decent chunk of the New Testament was on his way to Damascus to throw Christians into prison when he, unexpectedly, met Jesus and his life was totally changed.

My life has been changed by the love of God at work in it. I wasn’t always the calm(ish) laid back person you see today. God has helped me deal with the things of the past and move into a more hopeful future. He can do it for you!

What’s really cool, is that God can change us when we’re expecting it, and when it’s the last think we expect. We can increase our chances though by putting ourselves in God’s way. Why not pop in to Church on a Sunday or try Alpha and see for yourself?

I’m really excited about 2020. What excites me most is that with Jesus, change is possible. I’m praying for change in my own life. Leave a comment on our Facebook page for this article, or message us and we’ll happily pray for the change you need this year too.