Coming Soon to St Peter’s Bentley

Everything that would usually start in the first weeks of September is currently on hold while we navigate re-opening the building. But good stuff is coming soon including:

The Prayer Course (this is part of our Firm Foundations series, so if you’re a new Christian, or new to St Peter’s we really recommend this!). Will be on a Wednesday night, starting soon! ONLINE

Alpha is for you if you are interested in exploring Christian Faith. Perhaps you’ve been looking into the claims of Jesus for a while and want to see if they stack up. Maybe you know someone who is a Christian and you want to know what it’s about so you can set them straight! Whatever your motives and wherever you are in that journey, you’re welcome on Alpha. This will also be online this term on a Thursday evening.

Feed The Fire is a new weekly podcast with a discussion about a bible passage. The plan is that it will come out on a Monday and that there will be an online group on a Wednesday to discuss what you’ve heard and how it might make a difference in your life. This is likely to start in October, so keep an eye out!

Wednesday Communion is a new service on a Wednesday morning at 10am in Church. It starts on the 23rd and will include socially distanced drinks at the end!